Dungeons & Dragons

I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1983 when the game first appeared in Germany. Some years ago we switched the game system to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd edition). Currently, my wife and I are playing in a group called 'Septem de Octo' (seven of eight), since we are seven players and one dungeon master.

We play campaigns in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting and in the Mystara setting which was introduced with D&D some years ago (Norwold, Thyatis and so on...).

So far, this page is committed to the second edition of AD&D. Hence, you won't find any 3ed edition material here (heh-heh =:-).

Campaigns and Campaign Material
The following campaign documents are available here:

Magic & Magic Users
The following documents on magic in ADnD are available here:
  1. Magic User Spells of 1st and 2nd level
    A complete table of all official first and second level magic user spells with loads of details...

  2. Magic in AD&D
    This paper describes our view on magic in AD&D and how it should be used. It covers both priest and magic user spells. This is how we understand the usage of magic and how our AD&D group tries to handle it. Feedback would be especially welcome.

  3. Invitation to the Forgotten Realms
    I wrote this document as a short introduction for future players of my group. It should tell them about the basic facts of the realms and give them a feeling of what is in for them.

  4. Handbook of the Archmages
    This book is the written record of the life of one Aurvian Gelveroth, a mighty magician who lived in the Forgotten Realms. Aurvian also inherited us a huge collection of very special spells, most of them rare or even nowhere mentioned before. Bottom line being, the 'Handbook' is a big spell book, crackling with inventive and dangerous magic...
    But be warned - it's in German only!

  5. Athalanthan spells
    Spells from my own Athalanthar Campaign.

Material for the dungeon master
  1. Profile of the Forgotten Realms Power Oberan
    A description of the god Oberan - the lord of the rivers - who is resposible for rivers and lakes.

  2. Profile of the Forgotten Realms Power Febe
    A description of the goddess Febe (the harlekin mother) who is resposible for jokes and pranks.

  3. characters.doc
    A template for the DM to log the stats of the characters (characters.doc)

  4. dnd_burg1.ppt
    A power point file which includes many objects to build castle plans and cathedral maps. This may look like this:

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